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My name’s Sasha and I’m a gentle old girl just looking for a forever home to call my own! Why not head on over to Ogdensburg, I’m over at the St. Lawrence Valley SPCA waiting to meet my forever family!


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Ways To Recreate Summer Camp Experience At Home

  Now that the school year is over or almost over, kids would be getting ready for summer camp. But this year a lot of camps are canceled or at least not running the way they usually do. If you’re trying to figure out what to do with your kids this summer, here are some…more »

Woman Wants Her Stepdaughter To Donate Egg So She & Dad Can Have Baby

  A woman who’s heartbroken that she can’t have biological children is willing to go to extremes to have a baby and is pressuring her stepdaughter to help. In a Reddit post, a 24-year-old writes that her stepmom wants her to donate her egg to be fertilized by her own father so they can have…more »

Videographer Refuses Refund After Future Bride Dies In Accident

  Few company-customer disputes reach this level of personal. We take you to Colorado Springs where Justin Montney and Alexis Wyatt were supposed to be married this month. But then in February, Alexis was tragically killed in a car crash. While still reeling from the shock and grief, Justin had to cancel all the wedding…more »

FB Messenger Starts Warnings About Scams & Impersonators

Facebook Messenger has worked out a way to find out if that person messaging you is the real deal, or a scammer or impersonator. Now, if you get a message from someone who isn’t on your friends list, they’ll give a “scam or impersonator” warning message…like you couldn’t have figured that one out on your…more »

Boys Let Black Widow Bite Them In Hopes Of Turning Into Spider-Man

  Three young Bolivian brothers were hospitalized after getting a black widow spider to bite them, thinking it would turn them into Spider-Man. They quickly realized that they weren’t going to get superhero powers.The three siblings, aged 12, 10 and eight, found the spider while herding goats in Chayanta. Thinking it would give them superhero powers, they…more »

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The Best Giveaway for Valentine’s Day!

The Best Giveaway for Valentine’s Day!

The Perfect Valentine’s Day It’s easy to win- just fill out the form below Oops! We could not locate your form. Alkies Tap Check them out on Facebook! Alkies Liquor Store Check them out on Facebook! Downtown Florist of Massena Order more great valentine’s gifts from their website ; go ahead and give their Facebook a…

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