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Craft Beers To Check Out This Weekend

  We, as a nation, celebrate our independence from the tyranny of King George every July 4th – or at the very least, act like we do. But really? It’s more about celebrating the gifts we’ve been given thanks to the brilliance and bravery of our forefathers. Often? It’s through hoisting up a beer in…

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Suspected Carjacker Drives Off Cliff After High-Speed Chase

In Santa Cruz, California, a very dangerous high-speed chase not only seemed like a “James Bond” movie, but it also ended like one with a carjacking suspect plunging over the side of a cliff into the water in the vehicle he was driving. After getting reports of the stolen vehicle, police finally caught up with…

More Pets Lost On July 4th Than Any Other Day Of The Year

  While most people love fireworks on the Fourth of July, the same can not be said for animals, so you need to take extra care with your cat or dog this weekend. According to Nationwide Insurance, more pets are lost over the July 4th holiday than any other day of the year. What’s more, July…

Blind Andy's WTF Files (1)

Navy To Sailors: Please Don’t Buy LSD Online

  The Naval Criminal Investigative Service has a message for America’s sailors: Please, for the love of Poseidon and the Seven Seas, stop buying LSD and hallucinogens on the dark web. An NCIS notice reads: “Recent law enforcement reporting has revealed that an increasing number of people are moving to purchase illicit substances via the…

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Coronavirus Q&A Roundtable

Coronavirus Q&A Roundtable

Coronavirus Q&A Round Table There are so many rumors going around about the coronavirus. learn the truth on Wednesday June 3 at 7 PM 101.5 the Fox will be going on Facebook live with local health professionals, from Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center, to answer any questions you have about this coronavirus. Miranda Simpson, RN, CHMCMichael Seidman,…