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Contest Rules

General Contest Rules (Applies to all contests)

Stephens Media Group-Massena, LLC (WMSA, WVLF, WRCD)

1) Some restrictions apply…see specific contest rules.

2) Prizes are not redeemable for cash from Stephen’s Media Group or its sponsors.

3) All contestant and winner phone calls may be used for rebroadcast for promotional

purposes. By participating, contestants and winners agree to the use of their name, voice

and likeness over the air, on our web pages or in any other form of promotional media without


4) All prizes must be claimed within 30 days of the winning date. Winner will be instructed

how to claim their prize. After 30 days, the prize becomes property of Stephens Media


5) One winner per household every 30 days.

6) Stephens Media Group reserves the right to substitute prizes at the company’s discretion

at any given time for any purpose including, but not limited to any act of God, foreclosure or

dissolution of Stephens Media Group, its promotional partners, prize providers, clients, etc.

Substitute prizes may take up to 12 months to procure.

7) Stephens Media Group makes no warrantees or guarantees pertaining to any prize, or

fulfillment thereof especially those prizes provided by a third party outside of the control of

Stephens Media Group.

8) Stephens Media Group reserves the right to disqualify contestants or prize winners if it is

determined that our General Contest Rules, or Specific Contest Rules have been violated, or

entry has been obtained by an illicit means.

9) Winning a contest does not guarantee a prize will be awarded.

10) Stephen’s Media Group Employees, Contest Sponsors, their employees and immediate

family members are ineligible to win prizes.

11) Participants and winners agree to abide by these rules, and hereby release and forever

discharge Stephens Media Group-Massena, LLC, WMSA, WVLF, WRCD, it’s successors,

sponsors, assigns, agents and employees from any and all liabilities, injuries, and damages

incurred, or perceive to be incurred by participating and accepting any and all prizes.

12) Stephens Media Group (WMSA, WVLF, WRCD) reserves the right to change contest

rules without notice.

13) All contests, unless otherwise indicated, are open to all legal residents of the US and

Canada. Specific contest rules may vary.

14) Void where prohibited by law.

15) Prize winners are solely responsible for any taxes, gratuities, or other incidental expenses

incurred with acceptance of any and all prizes.

16) Legal identification (i.e.: New York State Driver’s License, Ontario Driver’s License)

MUST be presented for prize pickup.

Special Contest Rules for Cash Prize Promotions of $100 or More

Cash Prize Contests

1) All cash winners MUST be 18 Years or older.

2) No one individual can win a cash prize more than once in the entire duration of any


3) Legal identification (i.e.: New York State Driver’s License, Ontario Driver’s License) MUST

be presented for Cash Prize pickup.

4) Cash prizes may be awarded in the form of a Check.

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