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WATCH: Cameraman Steals The Show

This cameraman got his 5 seconds of fame by dancing on the jumbotron. Let’s say he has all the moves.

China Has Built A Low Gravity ‘Artificial Moon’ Chamber

China says they’ve built an ‘artificial moon’ chamber that generates a low gravity like the moon for research. The chamber is inside a vacuum chamber and uses a powerful magnetic field to simulate low gravity, a technique developed by Russian physicist Andre Geim and used to make a frog float in 2000. Gravity on the…

Scientists Build A Car That Fish Can Drive

Researchers at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University have built a self-propelled fish tank that goldfish inside the tank can drive around on land. The tank has wheels, sensors, and a camera that track the fish’s movement, moving the ‘car’ in the direction the fish is swimming in. Ten fish were trained to ‘drive’ the tank by putting…

Bride Tries To Get COVID So It Doesn’t Spoil Her Wedding

An Australian bride-to-be came up with an idea to make sure that COVID wouldn’t mess up her big day…by trying to catch it on purpose. TikTok user @maddysmart31, whose account is now private, posted a video with the caption “POV your wedding is in 6 weeks and you still haven’t had COVID” that showed her…

Residents Of Welsh Town Strip Off For Naked Calendar

The Welsh town of Prestatyn has released a calendar featuring pictures of nude local residents for the second year in a row after last year’s calendar was a huge success. Sally Smart, the secretary of the Prestatyn business forum, says the idea is a great way to make up for funding that was lost due…

Lawmaker Apologizes After Trying To ‘Pants’ Referee At High School Game

The Tennessee House caucus chairman for Republicans, Rep. Jeremy Faison, took to Twitter to apologize for losing his temper and trying to pants a referee. According to a report from the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association, Faison showed up on the court after a brief scuffle between the teams and pointed a finger in a…

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Covid-19 Travel Restrictions Update – Cornwall – Seaway Bridge

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions Update – Cornwall – Seaway Bridge

The United States will reopen for non-essential travel starting November 8th, 2021. Unvaccinated travelers still must be travelling for an essential purpose to enter the country. Canada already allows vaccinated American and international travelers across the border but still has their essential service requirements in place for anybody who is unvaccinated. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Canadian…



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