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My name’s Sasha and I’m a gentle old girl just looking for a forever home to call my own! Why not head on over to Ogdensburg, I’m over at the St. Lawrence Valley SPCA waiting to meet my forever family!

meet sam


Hi! My name is Sam, I’m a little more than a year old and ready for a place to call home! I’m down at the Potsdam Humane Society, why don’t you come down and meet me?? Breed – Domestic Shorthair/Mix Age – 1 year 4 months 19 days Gender – Male Size – Small Color…

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Hey, I’m Stubby! Help me find my forever home- I’m pretty unique because I just have a little stub of a tail but I still get a whole lot to bring to your home, let’s make it our home! Come and meet me, I’m over at the St. Lawrence Valley SPCA over in Ogdensburg!



My name is Annie, and I’m looking for a forever home!! I’m an older girl, but that doesn’t mean I don’t bring a lot of spunk along with me! Come meet me at the Potsdam Humane Society- I’ve been hanging out there since about June, luckily I’ll make it back home with you!! Breed –…

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I’m Bear! And yes, you can tell a lot about me just by my name- I’m a big bear of a dog but I’m still enough of a pup to bring some new energy to your home! Keep me smiling by taking me home today, I’m over at the St. Lawrence Valley SPCA over in…



Hey, I’m up for adoption and a ton of fun! Stop by the Potsdam Humane Society to meet me- I’m just a bit over a year old so I’m still a growing pup and full of energy! Bring me home for all of the fun Breed – Retriever, Chesapeake Bay/Mix Age – 1 year 2…



My name is Abby the cat, and while I’m an older pet I still have a lot of love to give! I’m 9 years old but still full of life (clearly photogenic) and I can’t wait to meet you! Breed – Domestic Longhair/Mix Age – 9 years 13 days Gender – Female Size – Large…

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Coronavirus Q&A Roundtable

Coronavirus Q&A Roundtable

Coronavirus Q&A Round Table There are so many rumors going around about the coronavirus. learn the truth on Wednesday June 3 at 7 PM 101.5 the Fox will be going on Facebook live with local health professionals, from Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center, to answer any questions you have about this coronavirus. Miranda Simpson, RN, CHMCMichael Seidman,…