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Roller Fit & Roller Derby Classes

Sunday, July 26, 2020 at 7 PM – 9 PM

2 Mille Roches Rd, South Stormont, ON K0C, Canada

Roller Fit:
For newbies who want to learn how to skate to veteran skaters and all skills in between. A mix of lessons,skaterobics and freestyle dance fun.

Roller Derby: Learn how to play the game and participate in teamwork pack drills in order to be scrimmage ready or just have fun.

90 minutes of Roller Fit
followed by
30 minutes of Roller Derby

Individuals 18+ can just do Roller Fit.
Zero pressure to Derby. Insurance and mouth guards are recommended and 100% mandatory to participate in the Roller Derby drills.

Need skates, helmet and/or equipment? Quad roller skates and equipment is available for rental.

18+ skater fee March to Nov: $140

Skater drop in fee per class : $10
Skate rental fee per class: $5

Insurance details:
12 month skater insurance: $55.05
90 days bran new skater insurance $30.50

To register and complete the payment for the insurance please visit:

Register under the League name: ‘Cornwall and Area Roller Skating Club’. OR choose “other” and add it.

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