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Outdoor Salsa Party (September at Swing Time)

Saturday, September 19, 2020 at 6 PM – 7 PM
SwingTime Mini Golf

Dance while the dancing is good!!!!
We aren’t ready for indoor salsa classes yet and probably won’t be for a while, but we can dance outside with physical distancing. Given how long and cold winter can be, don’t you think we should keep dancing outside while we can? 🙂
This will be our third outdoor salsa gathering this year. The first two have been super fun! Check out the pictures and videos:

Swing Time has a great gazebo that they have offered to let us use. The gazebo has power and lights and keeps out the rain 🙂
We can dance in the gazebo or even just outside on the grass.
Please wear masks to arrive and anytime you are near (less than ~6 ft from) someone that did not arrive with you.
Until we can gather again at the Yoga Loft, this and other Yoga Loft classes are by donation. If you can give we appreciate it very much! and if you can’t we are still thrilled to have you come! YogaLoft
Consider coming early for some mini-golf too. Swing TIme, as it names suggests, was designed as a place to celebrate music and dance! You will find so many little musical touches to enjoy throughout. Check out an album of photos here:
And also a video I made when I stopped to scope out the gazebo as a spot for salsa:

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