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Introductory nature photography course

Thursday, July 9, 2020 at 6 PM – 6:30 PM

Nicandri Nature Center
19 Robinson Bay Rd, Massena, New York 13662

Join instructor Charlene Dumas for lessons on camera use. This course is intended for beginners ages 16 and up. Any skill level wishing to work on their photography skills or knowledge can sit in, however, even if not a beginner.

The course will consist of six sessions.
February – Introduction to nature photography and the class
March – Manual settings overview. ISO, shutter speed, aperture
April – Aperture
May – Shutter speed
June – ISO
July – Review and a look at other options with photos (editing, scene settings, etc.)

Participants should bring a camera with manual settings – can be point and shoot or d-slr as long as it has the ability to change manual settings. A limited number of cameras are available for loan if you don’t have one but wish to participate.

Participants should bring along the manual to their camera if possible. We can assist in printing if needed.

Nature photography club meets immediately following the lessons and participants are welcome to stay for the club.

This program is provided free of charge. The Nicandri Nature Center is funded by The New York Power Authority.


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