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Majority Of Americans Would Give Up Sex For A Year Of Free Pizza

Some foods seem to be universally appealing and pizza is one of them. Most of us would say yes to a slice when offered, but how deep does your love of pizza go? A new survey reveals what some Americans would be willing to give up in order to score free pies.

Gozney, an outdoor pizza oven company, polled 15-hundred pizza lovers in the U.S. about just how deep their love goes:

  • A third of Americans eat pizza at least once a week (35%), but the same number say they’d eat it three times a week or more if they could.
  • The average American eats around three slices per sitting, for a total of approximately 156 slices a year.
  • In order to get a year of free pizza, three-quarters (75%) of respondents would give up social media for a month, nearly two-thirds (64%) would be fine with giving up sex for a month and 41% would be willing to spend a night in jail.
  • Shockingly, 24% confess they’d be willing to break up with their partner in order to score a year of free pizza.
  • Pizza is the preferred food for all kinds of occasions, including when people don’t feel like cooking (93%), while binge-watching TV (90%), after a night out (78%) and even for a first date (60%).
  • Close to a third (31%) would even choose pizza for their last meal.
  • To never eat pizza again, one in four respondents (27%) admit they would need more than $1-million. But for 16%, no amount of money would be enough for them to give up pizza for good.

Source: Gozney

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