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Husband Tells Wife Running Pizza Under Cold Water To Cool It Is Acceptable


On Reddit, a woman calling herself “DaddyRavioli” shared a story from her home that shook the pizza-loving world to its core. The way she tells it, her husband – who she smartly keeps anonymous – had a unique way of cooling down hot pizza before eating it. He would “run his slices under water to cool it down faster.” She also added that his method “didn’t change the taste” of the pizza and it was “still good.” The woman even posted video proof of it so she couldn’t be accused of just making it up.

To nobody’s shock, those who saw the post were shocked and disgusted…and had other thoughts to share.

  • “Your husband is a racoon. Kick him out before he eats the cat!” (ryansfrechpress)
  • “Get out of the house now. Your husband is a serial killer.” (paleopo-ta-to)
  • “This is why no-fault divorce was legalized.” (AnnaE390)
  • “Don’t breed. This bloodline must end.” (rumplestiltskinxap)
  • “The single most messed up thing in 2021 so far.” (FrioRiverTexas)
  • “Pineapple pizza lovers and pineapple pizza haters may not agree on much, but they can agree that your husband’s weird.” (EpicLegendX)
  • “Italians are probably trying to pass a joint resolution at the United Nations to denounce this and consider it a hate crime.” (utalkin_tome)

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Source: Reddit

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