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Dude Catches Girlfriend Stealing His Sperm


Here’s a challenging one for the legal minds specializing in domestic dilemmas. Traditionally, guys in a sexual relationship with someone would prefer sharing their swimmers in more traditional ways. An anonymous poster on Reddit found his girlfriend trying to steal his, and now he’s wondering what his legal recourse is.

It went down like this: after getting their groove on, the 20-something guy took off the condom…and excused himself to the restroom. While doing his business, she yelled to him, “Peeing or pooping?” When he replied that it was the latter, she apparently saw an opportunity. When he finished, he came out to find his girlfriend “pouring the contents” of the rubber into her love canal. When he tried to stop her, she then started “screaming bloody f…ing murder” and “rape”…and he left…so the neighbors wouldn’t call the cops. Now, he’s wondering:

  • Is this legal?
  • What happens if she gets pregnant?
  • Does he “legally own” his sperm?
  • What are the odds of her getting pregnant?

Obviously, he didn’t consent to this and she’s someone he should run like hell from…but, beyond that, how does he handle this?

Source: Reddit

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