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Woman’s Sister Wants Her To Postpone Wedding So She Can Have Wedding Year To Herself


While we all know that a wedding is a special day in a bride’s life, and it should all about them, apparently one bride thinks that spotlight should shine on them for an entire year, and that’s causing some major family drama.

A woman recently shared on Reddit that her sister was supposed to get married in August but had to postpone the wedding a year due to the coronavirus. Well, now the OP and her boyfriend have gotten engaged and want to have a small wedding in November/December 2021 but her sister has a problem with it.

“She got upset and told me I knew how much she wanted her wedding to be a one of a kind ‘event’ and she knows if we have ours so close after a lot of our relatives will be talking about us during her wedding,” the OP explained. Apparently the sister wants the wedding year all to herself and the issue has caused some major family “drama” with the pair’s mother taking the sister’s side.

The OP doesn’t want to put off the wedding just for her sister’s sake, especially since she and her fiancé are planning to move out of the country, which would make things even more difficult. “I just feel like she’s being unreasonable. We’re not having a big wedding like she is and it’s months apart…” the OP shared. “I do feel bad she’s had to reschedule but I don’t see how I should have to postpone just because she did?”

  • As you can imagine, folks on the Internet were in total support of the OP, with over 3,000 shared about the post.
    • “It’s reasonable to claim a day, week, maybe even month,” one person posted, “but she doesn’t get to claim ownership of an entire year; that’s selfish and entitled.”
    • “That’s some bridezilla stuff right there from your sister,” one person pointed out. “How is having a wedding five months apart going to be any different if you wait an extra month until January so the calendar says 2021?”

Source: Fox News

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