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Epic: Dude Hires Escort…And Mom’s Best Friend Shows Up


‘James’ is a guy who’s found it difficult to do the whole relationship thing. He joined the Army six-years prior, and that led to a lifestyle that made having a steady girlfriend or wife impossible for him between the hours he was keeping in the travel. Because of that, James turned to escort services to “make the best of a unique situation” and have his physical needs met.

All was going just fine and dandy, until one night when he set up some time with an anonymous companion. One particular ad only showed the woman’s body in various poses…no face shots. James had always had a MILF thing, and what she did show was more than enough to make his little soldier stand at attention. Everything changed, however, when she got to his place 45-minutes later…and he was standing face-to-face with his mom’s best friend.

To her credit, she was a total pro about it, came in, took charge, and handled her business. James even admits that the forbidden nature of it all added to the excitement. The awkwardness quickly disappeared, and their night of financially convenient bliss was on. Afterwards, they finally were able to address the elephant in the room, and both agreed that no one could ever know what had happened, and it would remain their little secret. That is, if you call telling a British newspaper all about it a “secret.”

Source: Mirror

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