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Marriage Gets Annulled After Husband Can’t Provide In The Bedroom

The Supreme Court in Canada is calling it “a legal procedure so rare that Statistics Canada doesn’t even track the numbers.” It seems a Canadian couple had their marriage annulled because the husband was and always had been unable to maintain an erection.A British Columbia Supreme Court justice granted the annulment sought by a woman for religious reasons; the woman claimed because of her husband’s condition, they were never able to consummate the marriage. They were wed in August 2018. The judge noted in her ruling that in past centuries, couples were forced to prove such a claim in front of “a jury of medical professionals and others,” but in this case, she accepted affidavits from the couple testifying to their troubles in the bedroom.

Annulments, which render a marriage void as if it never happened, are extremely rare. The reality is that it’s far easier to get an uncontested divorce than an annulment. Of course, we do have a delicate male ego in play here as later the man said his problem was all his wife’s fault, claiming he has sex all the time with his new girlfriend. However, the girlfriend did not testify in the case.

Source: CBC


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