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Four Ways To Burn Off Your PSL

Calories add up fast, especially this time of year with all the Halloween candy and seasonal treats and drinks out there, like the PSL. If you’re a fan of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes, did you know that one grande size has close to 400-calories and a whopping 50-grams of sugar? That’s a 16-ounce drink with as much sugar as five Krispy Kreme doughnuts! And it’s double the American Heart Association’s recommendation – they advise women should consume no more than 25-grams of sugar a day, 36 grams for men.

Fans of PSLs may say those sweet coffee drinks are worth it, but working off those 400 calories takes time and effort. So if you’re sipping on one of these lattes, or some other pumpkin spice treats, these activities could help to burn off those calories. Just keep in mind, the numbers will vary depending on age, weight, gender and intensity.

  • Down and dirty – Grab your Swiffer and Windex and get scrubbing to get your body and house in shape. Keep moving swiftly and use some serious elbow grease for two hours.
  • Turn over a new leaf – Enjoy the changing colors of the leaves while you rake and bag the foliage. Use your total body strength as you bend, lift and twist for an hour of interrupted, intense yard work.
  • Walk the dog – Get your steps in as you take your pet for a fast-paced, hour-long walk. No dog? No problem, just get off the couch and take your phone for a walk while you use it to catch up with your besties.
  • Jump rope – It’s a classic aerobic exercise that torches calories and to burn off 400, you’ll need a steady 30-minutes of jumping rope.

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

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