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There’s A Dumbbell Shortage…And A Prison Workout To Help


A perfect storm of 2020 events has led to a shortage of dumbbells. We’re talking about the gym equipment, not the idiots on social media…there are still plenty of those.

  • First off, obviously, there was coronavirus, which led to gyms being forced to shut down and limit how they operated once they were able to re-open.
  • Then, there were the orders for products so people could work out at home. Makers of dumbbells and other workout equipment saw massive upticks in ordering, and haven’t been able to keep up since they, too, had to shut down production in some cases due to COVID-19.

That’s led to a boom in the at-home workout business. Coss Marte is one who was able to take advantage. At one point, Marte was a “drug kingpin.” While doing time, he developed a workout that he could do in his cell using his own body weight and movements. He’s now turned his powers to good through is ConBody fitness plan. To get you started on your weight-free workout, here’s what he recommends:

  • Five Pushups
  • Five Mountain-Climbers
  • Five Stand-Up/Sit-Downs
  • Five Squat Thrusts
  • Five Squat Jumps

It sounds easy, until you realize you need to repeat them over-and-over for 45-minutes. You could even do it in a small room in your house and pretend you’re in a cell. For maximum effect, Marte recommends doing this four times a week.
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Source: Maxim


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