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Boyfriend Won’t Move Into Pregnant Girlfriend’s Apartment She Bought With “Stripper Money”


A lot of folks take pride in being able to buy their own home, regardless of how they earned the money to get it. And that’s just the case with this gal, although her boyfriend is another story.

The woman writes on Reddit’s “Am I The A-Hole” forum that she bought her current three-bedroom apartment outright, using money she earned working as an exotic dancer, while renting out some rooms to help. The woman loves her place, but the apartment has suddenly become a sore subject between her and her boyfriend of 18-months.

The woman says her beau knows about her past employment history and is okay with it, although he makes her lie to his parents about her past career. The woman recently found out she was pregnant and expected that he would move in with her since he rents but he refused, and would rather her sell the place and them buy one together. While that doesn’t seem outrageous, when she noted that the apartment means a lot to her, he said he understood but insisted he didn’t want to live there because she bought it “with stripper money.” Needless to say the comment didn’t sit well with the OP who noted, “I said I wasn’t giving up the security of owning a home for someone who tries to make me feel ashamed about something I don’t feel ashamed of.”

The beau suggested they sell her place and use the money for a new place together, although she didn’t see how that would be any different. He insists he “wouldn’t feel right raising a child” in the apartment “knowing how I purchased it,” and insisted it “would never feel like our place” for this reason.

  • The OP is now wondering whether she’s being “too rigid” with her stance, and even notes that her sister thinks she’s wrong, but folks on social media have her back.
    • “This is classic gaslighting behavior,” one person writes. “He also wants to co-own with you at only 18 months into the relationship? H—–l no.”
    • Another added, “Are you sure you want to live with, have a baby with, or pursue a relationship with someone who is already slut shaming you?”
  • As a post script, the OP shared that she has since dumped the boyfriend, after he eventually admitted, “he didn’t want to be a parent if I wasn’t willing to do everything he wanted.” She adds, “looks like I’m going to be a single mother.”

Source: Café Mom

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