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Hungry Men Prefer Big Boobs


If you’re a guy who’s partial to huge boobs, research says that could be a direct reflection of how hungry you are at that moment. This amazing revelation comes from the University of Westminster in London. Over a six-week period, researchers hung out at a dining hall and talked to hundreds of guys and they walked into and out of the place.

First, the guys were asked to rate their level of hunger on a scale of one through seven – “one” being “very hungry.” From there, participants were weeded down to a final group of 123 men, and were shown 3D animation pics of five different women wearing red bras and panties…each with a different size of boobage – figure one was the smallest and figure five had the dairy farm in full effect. Then, they were asked to rate their hunger one more time.

What they discovered was that a guy’s breast-size preference directly corresponded to how hungry they were at the time they’re asked the question. This also lines up with other studies in more isolated and impoverished countries, where larger breasts were also the racks of choice. It seems that, while boob-size preferences can change, the big ones create an impression of better health and stability to those who need food, money, or whatever else they might be lacking at the time.

Source: OK Whatever

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