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Five Foods To Pair With An Old Fashioned Cocktail


The classic Old Fashioned cocktail has been around since the early 1800s. The ingredients are bourbon, of course, Angostura bitters, sugar and orange in the form of a strip rind or wheel. Some might think it’s a little tough to pair this drink with food, but here are five that will compliment it nicely, according to the folks at “Southern Living”:

  • Spiced Pecans—brings out the complex notes of bourbon—try flavored pecans coated with sea salt, rosemary, brown sugar and cayenne pepper.
  • Thick-Cut Pork Chops—a thick-cut chop with some syrupy balsalmic tames the sugar of the drink and makes a great accompaniment
  • Duck—famous for pairing with orange and also is a great match for the Old Fashioned—the cherry and citrus bring out the sweetness
  • Chocolate Chess Pie—some bourbons have chocolate ready to unleashed with the right pairing and the pie is less heavy than chocolate cake
  • Bacon-Wrapped Figs—this may sound a bit wacky, but stuff some goat cheese in the middle for tanginess and the drink matches up will with smoky bacon and the sweetness of the figs.

You can’t go wrong with a drink that’s been around for 200 years, so pair it up for variety!

Source: Southern Living

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