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Wife Discovers Husband Uses Her Makeup Sponge To Clean Bathroom



Adult acne is beyond frustrating and really, by the time we’re in our 30s, we shouldn’t have to deal with breakouts anymore. One woman who’s been struggling with acne for years, even after seeing countless dermatologists to clear it up, may have just figured out what’s been causing her problems. It turns out, it may be her husband’s fault since he had been using her makeup sponge to clean their bathroom.

The clueless guy’s post in Reddit’s “Today I F-ed Up” section explains he would grab the square sponge on a sponge drying rack in their bathroom to clean up. He had no idea there was anything wrong with this until one day he found a new egg-shaped sponge on the rack and he thought it was funny, so he asked why his wife bought it. That’s when she told him it works better for applying makeup than the old square one and the light bulb went off for him. It seems the dude had no idea people use sponges to put on makeup and now they think him cleaning with hers is the reason for her recurring acne.

He says he feels horrible and to make it up to her, he bought her some brand-new sponges that will only be used for makeup. Most Redditors are laughing at his mix-up, but some can’t wrap their heads around how he could mistake a cleaning sponge for a makeup sponge. He explains that he never sees his wife put makeup on and that the sponge he’d been cleaning with was square and he admits, “I guess I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.”

Source: The Stir

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