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Husband Locks Wife Out Of Office To Stop Her From Seducing Him

Most people would be happy if that sexy spark is still alive in their marriage, but for one guy, it’s getting in the way of his studies and he’s taken some drastic measures to make it stop.

The guy shares on Reddit’s “Am I The A-hole” forum that he’s currently studying for the bar exam, and after dinner he usually goes to his office to study, and is there until anywhere between one and three am. The problem is, at around 11 pm, when his wife usually goes to bed, she wants to cuddle, so she’s been coming to the office to hang with him, and then she took things to the next level.

“This was fine for a few days, but then it seemed like every night she would go from cuddling me to trying to make out with me and have sex,” the husband wrote. “More often than not we would and my schedule would suffer as a result.”

The OP says he first tried talking to her about how he was having a hard time turning her down, and it was a problem for his studies, but she still wouldn’t stop trying to seduce him. That’s when he decided to take the drastic measure of locking her out of his office. Needless to say she wasn’t happy, and he says after talking to her for 45 minutes she walked away in tears.

  • While he certainly feels bad about it, he insists there are no other options and wonders if he’s wrong for putting his foot down. Folks on Reddit don’t think he is.
  • “When your spouse is studying for/taking an exam as serious as the bar sacrifices will need to be made,” wrote one reader. “When you are a team and your partner is working towards something like this you have to come together and work together and sacrifice together.”
  • Others questioned the wife’s behavior, with one noting, “You’ve explicitly asked her to stop multiple times, then she manipulates you to have sex and ‘won’t take no for an answer’ before escalating and getting more aggressive until you submit and have sex with her. THIS IS NOT OKAY,” adding, “imagine if the genders were reversed.”

Source: Café Mom


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