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Couple Travels Around The World To Recreate Iconic Movie Scenes


Robin Lachhein and Judith Schneider have a very unique hobby. The couple, from Germany, travels around the world to recreate iconic movie scenes in the exact same locations and picture angles that they were filmed at.

Robin and Judith met at a friend’s party 10 years ago, and they’ve been visiting famous film locations for the last six years. At first, it was just a personal hobby they kept for themselves, only posting photos they took around their home, but then friends started noticing them when they came over and praising their talent for recreating iconic scenes. Instagram had been gaining popularity, so they started their very own page, aptly named ‘Secret Famous Places’, which has gained tens of thousands of followers.

The couple says they spend hours researching locations and movies and love scouting out the locations to make sure the picture is exactly from the angle it was in the movie. They also say they refuse to use Photoshop for anything other than minor corrections. Robin is a mechanical engineer and Judith works at a radio station and they just plan out their vacation with film shooting locations in mind.


Source: Insider

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