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Mom Of Bride Wants To Wear Same Bridal Cape As Bride


We all know weddings can be stressful and cause some major family drama, and that’s the case for one family, even though the bride is technically not even engaged yet.

A woman shares on Reddit that the coronavirus has caused a delay in her getting engaged, because her beau had sent his grandma’s ring to the jeweler to be reset and it’s now stuck at the jeweler. Despite the hiccup, the woman is pretty excited about her impending wedding, and was even discussing plans with her mother, which is when the drama started.

It seems over Christmas the OP showed her mom a cape made by an artist and mentioned she planned to have one commissioned for her to wear on her wedding day instead of a veil. Now, during a recent conversation her mom started talking about what she planned to wear to the wedding and mentioned she planned to commission a cape from the same artist so she could also wear one.

Well, the OP didn’t take that well at all. “At first I tried to be chill, pointed out that it wasn’t cool at all, I was the one getting married and I already said I was wearing this cape,” she explained. “[My mom] responded with ‘But everyone will know you’re the bride so it doesn’t matter.'” What’s worse, when the OP insisted it did matter, the mother shot back, “but you said I could wear it when you showed it to me.”

The OP insists she said nothing of the sort, explaining, “because I remember conversations with her on purpose because she has a history of gaslighting me.” She’s furious, and her groom-to-be is trying to calm her down, but he rightfully suggested she stop telling her mom “things like this.”

As for Reddit, most are furious at the mom.

  • “I will come to your wedding and spill wine all over that cape!” one person wrote.
  • Another added, “Your wedding. Your wishes,” noting, “No more wedding chat with Momma! If she shows up with the cape on, deny her entrance and warn her you are very prepared to do so. “
  • Some suggested she call the artist and ask her to turn down the commission if the mother calls, while most agree with the OP’s beau that she needs to start keeping her mom in the dark about things.

Source: Café Mom

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