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Why More People Are Cheating In Their Dreams During Quarantine


As if getting a good night’s sleep during the pandemic wasn’t hard enough, vivid dreams are making it even tougher for some people. And what they’re dreaming about is part of what’s keeping them awake. According to a recent survey of 1,000 Americans in quarantine by Sleep Standards, 42% say they’ve had vivid sexual or romantic dreams and 21% admit they’re having vivid dreams about their exes … while sleeping next to their partner. So if you’re dream cheating, you’re not alone because cheating in dreams is on the rise these days.

Certified dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg says cheating dreams are very common, but it’s important to note who’s doing the cheating and with whom. She explains that usually it’s the dreamer getting cheated on in their dreams, but since COVID-19 began, she’s been seeing more people dream they’re the cheater and the most common people are cheating with in their dreams? Their ex.

So what does it all mean? Loewenberg suggests that cheating on your partner in a dream may just be a reaction to all the constant togetherness quarantine has brought us. She says cheating in dreams often signifies that you feel especially bound to someone in close quarters and need a change. Even if you’re happy with your partner, the pandemic has affected our lives – even our love lives – and it may be affecting dreams, too. But cheating in your dreams doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed. They could just be a sign of you missing your independence and freedom in general, not wanting to be free from your relationship. And hopefully knowing that will help you rest easier.

Source: Well and Good

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