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Woman Wants Her Stepdaughter To Donate Egg So She & Dad Can Have Baby


A woman who’s heartbroken that she can’t have biological children is willing to go to extremes to have a baby and is pressuring her stepdaughter to help. In a Reddit post, a 24-year-old writes that her stepmom wants her to donate her egg to be fertilized by her own father so they can have a kid. Yeah, it’s as icky as it sounds…and the young woman is not interested in getting involved.

She writes that her stepmom is asking her to consider donating her eggs so they can “make a child with the closest DNA match to them.” Mmmkay. And as if this request wasn’t bad enough, it gets worse! The woman writes that she was already “super uncomfortable” with the idea, but it “reached inappropriate” when her stepmom “insinuated that sex even crossed her mind.”

If there’s good news, it’s that dad doesn’t approve of any of it. But not ready to quit – the stepmom has now reached out to his side of the family – who think it’s a great idea – and are trying to push our OP into it anyway. Even better? They’re calling her selfish for not agreeing. Yikes on top of yikes.

  • The woman has now cut off contact from her psycho stepmother, but she’s feeling guilty. She asked Reddit users if she’s wrong here and they did not hold back.
  • Lots of them said there’s no way anyone should be trying to coerce her to donate her eggs against her will and then there’s the fact that she’s biologically related to her dad and people point out that this kind of inbreeding can lead to genetic abnormalities.
  • Some Redditors question what medical professional would consider doing this and one person called it “in vitro incest.”

And everyone seems to agree that the woman is not wrong for saying no, but her stepmom is way out of line.

Source: She Knows

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