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Woman Sends Cheating Boyfriend 1,000 Pound Bag Of Onions


In China, one heartbroken young woman took revenge on her cheating boyfriend by literally sending a ton of onions to his doorstep saying it was “his turn to cry.”

So yesterday was a very special day for most young Chinese couples as it’s the equivalent of Valentine’s Day in the western world. But not for the young woman identified only as Miss Zhao from Zibo, in Shandong province. It seems she went through her boyfriend’s phone a few days ago and was shocked to see that he had been texting other girls and had already cheated on her.

She reportedly cried her heart out for three days and then came up with the onion idea. According to Chinese media, the delivery man had to single-handedly unload dozens of bags of onions and carry them to the designated address, a task that reportedly made him say, “If he doesn’t cry, I certainly will.”

Source: Guardian

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