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Dad Tells Nine-Year-Old Daughter He Loves Girlfriend More Than Her


There’s nothing like the love a person has for their child, but for one dad apparently it’s not as big as the love he has for his girlfriend, and he shockingly admitted that to his nine-year-old.

A dad shares on Reddit that his 38-year-old girlfriend hasn’t always been nice to his daughter, saying her treatment has been “harsh,” but explaining, “it’s only tough love,” and insists she “cares” about his daughter. But regardless of how she treats his daughter, the man is fully devoted to the girlfriend noting, “I grew up around family telling me that the man is supposed to put his wife/spouse above anyone else and this is how I feel strongly.”

So, when his daughter got up the courage to ask dad whether he loves his girlfriend more than her, he decided to be honest. “I responded something along the lines of ‘a man is supposed to love his wife more than his children’,” he shares, noting that his daughter was so upset she was “really quiet” for the rest of their car ride home. He writes, “I’m wondering if maybe I should have lied and said something else even though it’s how I feel, and I didn’t want to lie to her.”

As you can imagine, the Internet let this guy have it.

  • “You’ve got some major problems, and your poor daughter is likely going to be traumatized,” one person noted, while another agreed, sharing, “You have absolutely traumatized your daughter.”
  • Another added, “The love you have for each of them is a different type of love and is felt in different ways, but to tell your daughter that you love her less than another woman, who is literally a nobody to her, is a d–k move. … You are undeserving of being a father.”
  • On a positive note, the man at least seems to realize the error of his ways, later writing, “[I] realize I was 100% in the wrong,” and sharing that he went back and talked to his daughter about his mistake. “I do love my daughter … I have talked about the issue and that the love I have for my girlfriend is different than the love I have for her,” he continued. “I’m going to work on being a better parent.”

Source: Café Mom

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