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Guy Roasted For Wanting To Charge Rent For GF Sleepovers

A guy has taken to Reddit to ask if “he was the a-hole” found out definitively, and probably got more than he bargained for. His dilemma? The fact that utility costs went up “significantly” since his girlfriend started sleeping over three and four nights a week. This question he proposed to the Reddit-sphere: is he being unreasonable in asking his girlfriend to pay “rent” each night she came over.

The figure he came up with was $24 each night she visited and stayed the night. A figure that he felt was a “great deal” considering his apartment runs him $1,800-a-month. In his eyes, that’s a “great deal” and he “wishes (he) could live (there) for that little.” With that all on the table, he then let the users of Reddit have their say…

“She’s a guest. If you feel it’s becoming a semi-permanent situation that you would like to become a permanent situation, then suggest THAT. I can’t even imagine how offended she was by her boyfriend asking her to pay a nightly fee to stay at his place.” (emptypges)
“You eat the costs of having her stay at your place in return for her company, affection, time, love, sex and whatever else, you are choosing to be with her and unless you want to move in together, suck it up. Good luck finding any girl that would be cool with how you are treating her in this situation bro.” (boxinthesky)
“I’ll pay her $24.00 NOT to go to your place.” (judochop71)
“Now you get to paint her as a greedy gold digger and be the good guy. Your degree is really paying off, son.” (freakingjaygaragaroo)
“He sounds like the type to insist they’ll find a way to split $3.47 evenly. And that whoever pays the extra penny will not pay the extra penny next time.” (Maple_Person)

No word on the current status of their relationship.

Source: Reddit

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