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A 68-Year-Old Woman Has Given Birth To Twins


Being an older mom does have its advantages, and when we talk about “older” moms, we’re usually referring to women in their 40s. But a woman in Nigeria has taken it to a whole new level because she’s just given birth to twins this week and she’s 68! Yep, 68.

Noah Adenuga says he and his wife Margaret have wanted to be parents for a long time and the couple refused to give up on their goal, even after three attempts at IVF didn’t work out. “I am a dreamer,” he says. “And I was convinced this particular dream of ours will come to pass.” So they didn’t let a thing like her being 68 and him being 77 get in their way.

Older women who get pregnant are considered high risk because of their “advanced maternal age,” so Margaret’s was definitely a high-risk pregnancy. Her doctor says there were more possible complications because of her age and her being a first-time mother, but she came through with no issues. The healthy baby boy and girl were born via c-section and mom’s doing well.

Source: She Knows

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