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The Pros & Cons Of Roommate Sex


The world of self-isolation has been filled with new challenges. For some, it might come in the form of a newly found sexual interest in that roommate that, until now, was just a platonic friend. Pulling the trigger and giving in to the desire for a quick romp has its share of ups and downs…so to speak. Here’s what relationship experts GiGi Engle and Dr. Jade Wu have to say about it.


  • Proximity – There’s no need for get ready, drive over, have dinner, get down, have cuddle-time, and head back. You both are there, and not going anyplace else.
  • Convenience – The hook-up apps are out the window and there are no games going on. You already know the score with each other.
  • Potential – If it goes well, there’s a prime opportunity for seconds, thirds, and beyond.


  • Proximity – If it doesn’t go well, then you’re screwed…and not in a good way…because they’ll always be in the next room (at least until the lease is up).
  • Awkwardness – There’s a chance that one of you will be more into it than the other, and that makes alone time more difficult when that person’s frequently looking for more attention than the other wants to give.
  • Finances – Once the intimacy barrier gets broken, the financial rules can start to get blurry. Having a roommate is a business relationship, after all.
  • Risk – If you’re going to take the chance at doing the ding-a-ling dip with your roomie, you also risking the possibility of losing that friend once this is all over if things go poorly.

In the end…or whatever other orifice you choose…boning your roommate probably isn’t worth the risk. So, stick to porn, lube, and your imagination to get you through. << see audio to right >>

Source: Men’s Health

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