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April Fool’s Joke About Coronavirus Lands Artist In Hot Water


Of course, not everyone realized that given the world’s current pandemic, April Fool’s pranks were not okay this year. South Korean singer Jaejoong from the K-pop group JYJ told his 1.9 million fans on Instagram he’d been diagnosed with COVID-19 and was in the hospital. This comes after governments around the world warned not to joke about the virus. After a few hours, he admitted it was a joke.

In his video post, he offered an apology to those he could have infected “because I lived carelessly, disregarding all of the cautions provided by the government and those around me.”  His announcement-which would have made him one of South Korea’s biggest celebrities to get hit with the virus-was picked up by the media.

The good news is fans were not amused. Jaejoong acknowledged that “this did go quite far for April Fool’s Day, so many people worried about me in a short span of time.” He then tried to cover his butt saying, “I don’t think of this as an April Fool’s joke. My family and my friends are getting sick..and dying. It’s never just someone else’s problem. I wanted to tell you that protecting myself is protecting the precious people around us.”

Source: Reuters 

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