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Blue Lagoon Turned Black After Tourists Won’t Stop Gathering By It


People in England apparently are having a hard time understanding what not leaving their homes means as officials have continued to deal with tourists and locals visiting a former limestone quarry that has the most amazing blue body of water.

Known as the Blue Lagoon, people were still visiting the disused quarry, which has become a popular tourist attraction because of how beautiful and picturesque the blue water is. Officials were frustrated because Last Monday, UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson banned residents from leaving their homes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

So local police took a drastic step to make it considerably less inviting: They dyed the water black. Ironically, the water’s normal distinctive blue color actually comes from caustic chemicals in the quarry stone, and its pH levels can cause skin irritation. There are also old cars, dead animals, and garbage floating around in it. Police have used dye in the past to discourage visitors from swimming in the water, but it remains a popular spot for “Instagrammers.”

Source: CNN

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