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Astronaut Scott Kelly Offers Coronavirus Isolation Tips


While this coronavirus is forcing a lot of us to shelter in place, most of us aren’t used to being in one place – and alone – for an extended period of time. Fortunately, Scott Kelly knows what it’s like and can guide the way. The retired NASA astronaut spent 340 consecutive days in space on the International Space Station and has some tips to help us get through it.

According to Kelly, maintaining a schedule and having a consistent bedtime are two keys to survival. “I found as I got used to [the schedule], I actually needed it,” he told Good Morning America. “You need to schedule things like work, rest, taking care of your environment… Take time to go outside if you can. Sunlight and nature is so very, very important to our health.”

When it comes to your feelings, Kelly suggests writing things down in a journal. “If you’re feeling a certain way, writing it down, being honest with yourself about it, is the best possible thing you can do,” he noted. “And then when this is all over someday, we can look back at this time, one of the most challenging times in our country, and you can have a record of what it was like for you and what you did.” You can check out other tips on the right…

Source: Good Morning America

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