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A Daily Beer Can Boost Chances Of Living To 90

There’s new research that shows having a beer-a-day isn’t exactly the worst thing in the world for you. Researchers from Maastricht University in Holland looked at 5,500 people for over 20 years. After tracking their drinking habits, they found the daily drinkers were more likely to be sucking oxygen into their 90s.

Specifically, those guys who drank a half-pint each of beer daily were 81% more likely to hit their tenth decade than teetotalers. As for the ladies, the numbers were on the drinkers’ sides, as well. Women who drank similar amounts were 33% as likely to hit that age landmark. Things looked good for the heavier drinkers, too. Those who enjoyed two pints of beer or a couple shots of whiskey increased their chances by two-thirds.

Dr. Piet van den Brandt says that, even though their research showed “significantly positive associations” for men and women when it comes to moderate drinking and life longevity, it doesn’t mean non-drinkers should suddenly start hitting the bottle for their health. Other docs have chimed-in to counter the study’s findings, by pointing out studies that show increased cancer risk associated with drinking even one pint-a-week, proving there’s always someone out there ready to spoil someone else’s good time.

Source: The Sun

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