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MLB Floating Series Changes To Post-Season Format


Are you ready for a major change in major league baseball? That’s what you’ll get if the league’s proposed changes make it past the players union. Here’s the concept that’s currently being floated…

  • 14 teams would make it to post-season play. The current number is 10.
  • The team with the best record in the American and National Leagues would get byes.
  • The other two division winners and the wild-card team with the best record (between the four wild-card teams) would each host a three-game series in the first round of the playoffs.

But wait…there’s more!

  • The division winner with the second-best record would get to choose which of the bottom three wild-card teams they’d like to play. The two teams that weren’t picked will play each other.
  • This would happen in a live television event on the final night of regular season play.

From there, the second round would feature the team with the best record, fresh off their bye, against the remaining team with the worst regular season record…and the other two teams battling it out.

For this to happen, the players union would have to agree to it, and their collective bargaining agreement expires in 2021. So, if this does get approved…and that’s a big if…it wouldn’t be put in place until the 2022 season. << see audio to right >>

Source: ESPN

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