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Pole Dancing Could Become An Olympic Sport

If you saw J.Lo in “Hustlers” or performing at the Super Bowl, you’re probably aware that pole dancing isn’t easy. Being able to twist your body into inversions and poses like a gymnast is tough to do on the ground, much less trying to do it while suspended on the side of a smooth pole. Still not convinced that pole dancing takes serious athleticism? You may be after hearing that athletes could one day earn a gold medal for the sport at the Olympics.

The Global Association of International Sports Federation – the organization over all Olympic and non-Olympic sports federations – has given the International Pole Sports Federation official observer status. That move recognizes and legitimizes pole dancing as a sport internationally and it’s the first big step to potentially making it to the Olympics. The next step would be for the sport to be recognized by the International Olympic Committee and that can take several years.

Cheerleading and Muay Thai have been added to the International Olympic Committee’s list of provisional sports, so they’re now that much closer to going to the Games. Arm wrestling, dodgeball, and kettlebell lifting have also been added to the list of observer-status sports, and at the 2020 Games in Tokyo, rock climbing, surfing, and karate will make their debut.

Source: Shape


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