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Bride Charges Guests $50 To Come To Wedding & Get On “Exclusive Guest List”


When will brides learn that few people really want to go to their wedding? Well, this one bride is apparently clueless because she thinks guests will be willing to pay her for the honor of attending her big day.

A 19-year-old woman shared on Reddit that she recently got a message from her cousin informing her that guests will be charged $50 to come to her wedding. “She said that they can Venmo her the money so there won’t be no [sic] problems,” the woman shared, adding, “and everyone who paid will be added onto the ‘exclusive guest list,’ which basically means you won’t have to wait in line while other guests pay.”

The girl, who goes by DaintySheep, was “shocked” by the request, and when she asked the bride why she was charging, she said, she “wanted to get the money she spent on her special day back.” She then declined the invite because of the charge, telling her it was “outrageous” and the cousin didn’t take it well, with her aunt calling her “cheap.” She says her parents offered to pay but she still refused to go.

  •  Most people on the Internet agreed that this bride is insane to charge her guests,.
  • “I get people don’t have a lot of money to throw a big fancy wedding,” one user wrote, “but why can’t they stay within their budget and not expect their guests to pay for their big day?”
  • Other’s suggested the bride’s charge will affect her gifts, causing her to lose out in the end.
  • “She probably would have gotten $100+ per guest just through gifts and ‘recouped their losses’ if she hadn’t said anything,” one person noted. “Now she’s going to lose guests and a lot of those that do come may consider the $50 entry fee their ‘gift’ and (rightfully so) not get her anything extra.”

Source: Fox News

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