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The “World’s Hottest Grandma” Is Now Helping Aussie Fire Relief, Too

Following in the footsteps of Kaylan Ward, another huge-boobed social media model, 49-year-old model Gina Stewart, who bills herself as the “World’s Hottest Grandma” has stepped up to benefit the Australian fire relief effort. Saying she’s been deeply affected by the fires Down Under as her brother (who’s apparently an actor) has been “working everyday” in the fire fighting effort in his community. She’s trying to do her part.

She’s now committed thatanyone who makes a $10 donation to a Aussie fire relief organization will get access to her Premium Fans Only page. All you’ve got to do is DM her with a receipt proving your donation – and you’re in. Please keep the DMs to receipts (as we’re not sure dong pics will do much to help the cause…or yours).

At last check, Stewart says she’s racked up more than $100K. It’s been so successful that she’s decided to extend the offer until Valentine’s Day (because what says “I love you” more to your boo than getting a “Fans Only” page?) There’s no debating that the fires are a massive disaster – so if you want to donate to the cause, and don’t need to see the World’s Hottest Grandma’s boobs, you can also find a list of groups who are currently doing wonders down there

Source: The Sun

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