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The Grossest Things Couples Do In Private

When you’ve loved and been with someone for a long time you get pretty comfortable around them, and let’s face it, you start getting a little loose with your behavior at times. Well, now some couples are spilling the beans on just what that means.

Buzzfeed asked couples to tell them the grossest things they do in private and we are downright shocked, and pretty disgusted as well.

Gross things couples do in private include:

  • “My boyfriend and I like to play a game where one of us burps, and then the other person smells it and tries to guess what they ate last.”
  • “I love popping my boyfriend’s pimples, but he hardly gets them anywhere other than his butt. We’ve gotten to the point where he just pulls down his pants and lets me go to town.”
  • “My boyfriend and I always pee at the same time, as in… I sit on the toilet and leave a space between my legs and he aims through them.”
  • “I always bite my boyfriend’s nails for him.”
  • “We always send each other pictures of our poop. We don’t have a fetish. It’s just sort of become an inside joke.”
  • “Sometimes we like to sniff each other’s assholes, just because.”
  • “My boyfriend is super hairy, and every month or so he gets me to take close-up pictures of his butthole to see how hairy it is.”
  • “My husband and I weigh ourselves before and after we poop to compare who had the biggest poop and claim victory.”
  • “My husband has picked something out of my teeth and eaten it before.”
  • “We do this thing called ‘fart bombing.’ If you fart, you have to grab a handful of air and throw it in the other person’s face. It’s disgusting, and it started as a joke, but now it’s war.”
  • “My husband and I share the same toothbrush.”

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Source: Buzzfeed

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