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Study: Some Dudes Would Go Without Sex For Perfect Beard

For some guys, the quest for the perfect beard knows no bounds, and some men are willing to sacrifice dearly to achieve it. A new survey from One Poll Market Research and Honest Amish Beard Care talked to 2,000 guys to find out how important a great beard was to them. Of those guys, some were willing to make huge sacrifices to achieve facial scrub greatness.

  • 20% said they’d be willing forego sex for an entire year – we’re assuming that means with another person.
  • 40% said they’d be willing to spend a night in jail.
  • 40% said they’d be willing to go a full year without coffee.
  • 18% said they’d be willing to shave their head if it meant the perfect beard.
  • 73% of guys said facial hair makes them more attractive to the ladies.

The downside of that last stat is that only 63% of women share the “beard makes you hotter” view…although that’s still above the 50% mark. Also, the bigger the beard, the more likely you’re unknowingly using it to store old food, debris, and even the same kinds of bacteria commonly found in poo. So, if you’re going to grow the face-bush, make sure your keeping it clean, or it won’t matter how glorious it looks. << see audio to right >>

Source: LAD Bible

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