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When Did Serial Pooping Become A Thing?


It’s possible we might be in the beginning stages in a new era of public nastiness. Stories of public “serial poopers” are becoming more common, and its time someone got a handle on it and wipe it away. If it were one or two stories, that would be one thing, but there’ve been more than ever before in recent memory, and it’s starting to look like a trend.

  • Earlier this month, Jeffery Churchwell, a Wisconsin teacher was given the axe from his school when he was cited for “disorderly conduct” for what ended being a “two-year pooping spree in Natureland Park”…resulting in over $6K in fines.
  • In July, Patrick Beeman, another fiber-filled Wisconsin man, received 150-days in jail for “clogging women’s toilets” in a local park and in his workplace. He’s also got probation for three years.
  • In 2018, Holly Mallone, from Connecticut, was caught crapping in a cul-de-sac by police…and it’s suspected that she did it at least two other times.
  • That same year, Thomas Tramaglini – aka “Pooping Tom” – was nabbed for dropping multiple deuces on a local track and field…and he was a school superintendent.

Then, there’s the new addition of more and more doorbell cams. Do a quick search on Google for “door cam pooping.” You’ll more videos than you’d think possible related to random poopage in public. We’re not saying it’s an epidemic…yet, but there’s potential if people don’t start pulling that pucker string and take care of their dirty work in the cozy confined of their appropriate gender-specified places of business.

Source: BroBible

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