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Hooters Launches Meatless “Unreal Wings”


Plant-based proteins, like the Impossible Burger, have proven to be pretty popular and now Hooters is getting in the meatless game with its new “Unreal Wings.”

They’re “vegetarian, non-GMO, soy-free and sustainably produced,” according to the restaurant, and they’re made with Quorn, a company that’s been making meat alternatives since back in the 80s. And these meatless wings are supposed to have the “taste, texture, and crispiness” of Hooters famous chicken wings.

But are they good? Well, Hooters tested the Unreal Wings out on some Hooters Girls without telling them they were meatless and they couldn’t tell they weren’t real chicken. Hooters claims Quorn’s wings are “100% carnivore approved and even the most loyal meat eaters won’t believe Unreal Wings.”

Source: People

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