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Dude Gets Sweet Revenge On Girl “Dating” Him For Free Meals

It really blows when you find out the girl you’re seeing isn’t into it for the same reasons that you are. There’s a guy who we’ll call “Bob” who was taking a lifeguard certification course. In those classes, he met a girl who we’ll call “Leechy” because why the hell not. After a few social media DMs and text messages, the two decided to go out on a couple casual dates, but never went to each other’s homes.

It was shortly after when a female friend of Leechy’s shared some text messages with Bob. In them, the friend ask Leechy if she and Bob were “going out.” Leechy replied with, “Not really, but as long as he keeps paying for everything, I’ll let him take me out more. A girl’s gotta eat!” The friend then asked why she had to go and “do him like that.” When Bob saw those text, the plotting of revenge was set in motion.

Bob decided to ask Leechy out to a nice local hibachi joint. You know, the kind with “$20 – $40 plates, and premium desserts.” They both ordered the most expensive things on the menu, along with plenty of drink refills. Then, Bob got up to use the can, and left – he was her ride, too. It was 45-minutes later when the furious texts came in about needing her mother to come and bail her out because she didn’t have any money on her…shocker. Bob admits it wasn’t very nice, and a more direct approach would’ve been more mature. However, Bob can’t deny the fact that it felt really good to hammer her back. << see audio to right >>

Source: Reddit

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