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Man Was Fired For Complaining About BBQ Sauce Christmas Gift


Be very careful about who you criticize on social media. A Canadian man says he was fired from a job he held for six years because he complained on Twitter about receiving a $6 bottle of barbecue sauce as a holiday gift.

Hussien Mehaidli worked as a general manager for Fastenal, a U.S.-based wholesaler of construction materials that operate in Canada. When he first joined the company back in 2013, he said he and his coworkers usually received a box of goodies for the holidays. However, this holiday was different.

This year he got a bottle of hickory-flavored “Get Sauced” barbecue sauce, which retails on Amazon for $5.99, and a wooden barbecue scraper branded with the company’s logo. He thought the gift was weird since it was December and it’s the middle of the winter in Canada.

He also was offended since he works hard to make the company money and decided to vent his displeasure on his anonymous Twitter account.

“What kind of multibillion-dollar company gifts it’s (sic) Canadian employees barbecue sauce as a holiday gift? Yet the USA employees stuff their face with an actual holiday gift box!” he tweeted, tagging the company’s Canadian and American handles.

The day after he fired off his tweets, Mehaidli said, he got a call from his manager after the company somehow figured out who was behind the account. He was told to delete the tweet and then a few days later he was axed.

Now he’s running out of money and believes he was fired simply for posting a tweet about the gift.


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