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Eating Plant-Based Burgers Will Put Boobs On A Dude

f you’re a guy who’s been taking a healthy interest in the plant-based food phenomenon, James Stangle wants to give you the heads-up on how your manly chest could be affected. The South Dakota veterinarian and writer for the Tri-State Livestock News says eating that stuff can give you a bigger rack…as in, man boobs.

He uses numbers to back that up. He says that one Impossible Burger has 44-milligrams of estrogen packed inside of it. A Whopper has 2.5-nanograms of estrogen. It takes one million nanograms to make up milligram. So, he’s saying that an Impossible Burger will put “18 million times as much estrogen” into your body as one Whopper. Hence, the enhanced rack.

Numbers like this are the basis for theories like soy-based products are a plot to “feminize” men that some like to latch onto. The opposing view comes from nutritional scientists. They say, while there should be more research into the long-term effects of plant-based burgers and other foods, there’s no reason “to think that eating an Impossible Burger will increase anyone’s cup size.” However, if having bigger jugs is your goal, then eat a bunch of crap and you’ll get there just fine on your own! << see audio to right >>

Source: Ars Technica


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