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What Men Do Wrong During Sex, According To Women


Nothing is perfect in life, even sex, and Reddit users totally get this. When one of them asked women, “What are some of the biggest mistakes that men do during sex,” people were happy to share. Everyone’s got their own turn-offs and things that don’t work for them, but these are some of the best responses to the thread.

  • “Be honest about what you like and need” – No one is a mind-reader, so tell your partner what knocks your socks off and what doesn’t, and you’ll both have more fun.
  • “Not being willing to laugh about things that go wrong” – Things can and will go wrong and it can get awkward or embarrassing, but the key is not taking it too seriously.
  • “Lack of communication” – Everyone isn’t into the same thing, so talk to your partner and figure it out.
  • “Not taking a minute to wash up first” – We all appreciate personal hygiene, especially before sex.
  • “Cringy sexy talk” – Some people like talking dirty, some are into describing what’s happening, others prefer no talking at all. Knowing what your partner prefers can help avoid any unnecessary awkwardness.
  • “Not asking before trying something” – Maybe she’ll like your move, but surprising her with something she’s not ready for could be the end of your encounter.
  • “Lack of post-sex snuggle” – Not cuddling afterwards can be an abrupt ending some people hate.
  • “Not cutting your nails” – No one wants to be scratched or stabbed when getting frisky, fellas.

Source: BuzzFeed

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