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Man Lights Himself On Fire Outside Pub After Argument With Ex


Morgan Baskett clearly needs to work on his coping skills. It was around six weeks ago when he and girlfriend Michelle Howarth split up. Even though the pair had only been together “four or five weeks,” that time apparently packed a punch for him.

As the story goes, Baskett was outside a South East London Pub near where Howarth works. After getting into an argument with her, he decided to put an end to things…permanently. Witnesses say he stepped outside, doused himself with fuel, and lit himself on fire. Reportedly, he was on-fire for 60 to 90 seconds before the flames were completely put out by a few helpful drinkers.

Djan Ali, owner of a café up the street where Michelle works, was first to help by hitting Baskett with a fire extinguisher as he stood there aflame asking people to “let him die” without as much as a scream. When the flames were out, his clothes were removed, and his face was charred black. Reports say he’s still in the hospital in critical condition, and it makes you wonder what they guy would’ve done to himself had the relationship been more substantial than just a month. Decaf, dude. << see audio to right >>

Source: The Sun

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