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Woman Builds Husband A Pub In Their Back Yard


Paul Tapper is in The Doghouse every single night…and it’s all because of his wife, Jayne. But it’s a good thing. Apparently, Jayne was sick of never seeing her husband at night because he was always roaming out to the local boozer. So, she took matters into her own hands, and built him a pub in the back yard of their UK home.

Here’s how much she spent to make this happen:

  • $19,663 to level the garden.
  • $3,539 for the log cabin that makes up the frame.
  • $131 for a church pew.
  • $852 for a Space Invaders game.
  • $524 to build the actual bar.
  • $131 for a cheap double fridge.
  • $91 for a fire heater

Some friends even chipped in, giving them goodies including a couch, table, television – even insulation. Then, quick searches on eBay provided things to decorate the pub. From there, The Doghouse Inn was born. Paul loves his home away from the house, and Jayne says it’s not really a man-cave because she likes hanging out there, too! << see audio to right >>

Source: LAD Bible

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