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Man Orders Apple Watch On Amazon And Get’s $5 Plunger Instead


Anyone who has ordered something online knows all about the incredible feeling of seeing that package arrive at your door. You also know how annoying it is when you don’t get what you ordered.

After believing he was about to receive an Apple Watch he purchased on Amazon with a Black Friday deal, a man in London was extremely disappointed when he opened his package to find a $5 plunger.

“I opened it in front of the reception staff and they started howling with laughter. They were all in absolute hysterics. But I was absolutely fuming and I had to hold it back in front of them. I was very annoyed and was dreading the impending faff to get it sorted with Amazon,” said John Browne, the man that ordered the watch. According to Browne, he paid $387 for the watch, while the plunger only had a price tag of $5.

To make things worse, Amazon later informed him the color of the watch he had ordered was no longer available. “It has massively annoyed me. It’s just not good enough and all of the planning I put into getting the watch has gone out of the window,” said Browne. While the mistake is rare, this is one Amazon will want to avoid this holiday season.

Source: New York Post

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