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Cincinnati Bengals Finally Comes Down Off Of His Roof After Team Wins


We told you about a crazy football fan that pledged not to come down from his roof until his team won a game.

Well, the team finally won a game, so now he can come down!

The Cincinnati Bengals won a game on Sunday beating the New York Jets 22-6. They’re now 1-11, so obviously they aren’t going to the playoffs but it’s a big deal for Jeff Lanham.

Lanham is the crazy guy who pledged to live on the roof of his restaurant until the Bengals won a game. He went up there on October 7th and even spent Thanksgiving there with his family. Now he can finally come down.

Jeff said he’s “glad it’s over” and he thanked his wife for her support. He said he couldn’t have stayed up on the roof away from his family and his business without her because she brought him his meals, did his laundry, and helped cover all his responsibilities. He said, quote, “I mean, I didn’t do anything.”

Source: Fox19News

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